Monday, February 18, 2013

idea 1

(Moral decency has led me to 'star out' those vile words. Whatever. You can figure it out so easily, anyway.) 

   Sometimes, we get upset. During those 'sometimes moments', we may 'swear' or 'curse'.
But what, exactly, is swearing?

According to Merriam-Webster, 'swear', as an intransitive verb, means:

: to take an oath
: to use profane or obscene language:
                        — swear·er noun
                        — swear by
               : to place great confidence in
                        — swear for
               : to give assurance for 
                         — swear off
               : to vow to abstain from

What is profane language, however? Is it simply a forbidden word, such as h*ll, or d*mn, or the intonation of the word? You could say sh*t in the nicest way possible, but would it still be swearing? Thus, the euphemism.

 The most typical euphemism is "freaking", which is substituted for f*cking. So many people use it, it's almost tiring just to listen to them saying it. This doesn't matter, though. It's simply an example. What I'm really getting to: can anything be substituted for a swear? 

Theoretically, I could take the word apple, and declare it a swear word, just by the tone of my voice--

"You're such an apple!"


"That's such a pile of apple, it's disgusting."

      --or, would it not be socially acceptable, and cast away, like 'groovy' and--Mean Girls reference--"fetch"? Who decided that f*ck, sh*t, d*mn, h*ll, etc., would be the swear words of today's society? And, the more prominent question, why did we listen, and why didn't we change that?

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